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Jan Měkota is a specialist in public investment in all the sectors in which ROWAN LEGAL works. He provides comprehensive legal advice to both contracting authorities and tender applicants in preparing their bids and in all other phases of the cycle of public procurement.

He has in-depth experience in providing legal support in the preparation of tender documentation and with the Public Procurement Act, including the processing of complex contractual terms in many important projects (ICT, construction, design activities in construction, public services, etc.), whose value reached the figure of one billion CZK. Jan has provided legal support in a similar way to many candidates for major tenders awarded inside the Czech Republic. He also provides componential legal opinions on key issues in the field of public procurement, and has experience with proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition.

In addition to legal services directly related to issues of procurement procedures, Jan actively participates in providing comprehensive legal advice related to the administration of projects co-financed from EU Structural Funds. In this area, Jan has extensive experience in proceedings concerned with the reduction or withdrawal of subsidies, in all stages and in front of all participating institutions (providers of subsidies, auditing authorities, the financial authorities, the administrative courts, etc.).

Apart from public investment, Jan specialized in protection of competition, he provides legal advice, represents clients in the proceedings related to the abuse of dominance and cartel agreements and also provides legal advice in the area of public support. In pursuance of his specialization, he has been participating in creation and implementation of the internal compliance programs focusing particularly on precautions in competition and criminal field. He provides legal advice in competition mainly to clients in the areas of ICT law, suppliers of energy or construction but also to the clients specialized in pharmacy or food industry.

Jan also specializes in advising on legal relations in the scope of real estate and the related contractual matters. In his practice, he has been involved in preparing comprehensive contractual documentation for the activities of a professional cycling club (both professional contracts with athletes and contracts related to marketing activities).

He is also active in the publication of professional articles related to the topic of public procurement.

Provided legal advice in the management review process in the procurement procedure of the tender with a value of approximately 200 million CZK, not including VAT, before the Office for the Protection of Competition. Contracting authority – Czech Television, a public procurement, “Server technology for the production and broadcasting of news, sport and current affairs”, entered in a competitive dialogue.

Provided comprehensive legal services relating to the award of the tender worth more than 100 mil., CZK, not including VAT, divided into 13 sections. The Czech Republic´s State Land Office, a public procurement, “Ensuring independent geodetic services within the scope of operation of the SLO”, entered in an open procedure.

Provided comprehensive legal services relating to the award of the tender with a value of around 1 billion CZK, not including VAT. In this project, Jan was also involved in preparation of the terms and conditions of the tender containing a binding model contract, which included the comprehensive provision of municipal services for the  city of Ústí nad Labem. Contracting authority – the city of Usti nad Labem, a public procurement, “Public services for Usti nad Labem”, divided into 4 parts to be awarded in an open tender procedure.

Provided comprehensive legal services related to the implementation of the project with a value of tens of billions CZK, not including VAT. Jan participated in a study of alternatives to ensure the implementation of this project. Contracting authority – the North Bohemia Water Supply Company Inc. the project, “Provision of water supply infrastructure after the year 2020”. Provided legal assistance in judicial proceedings namely taking action against an illegal decision, under the Administrative Procedure Code, where the contested decision had decided on the non-execution of a grant amounting to millions of CZK. In the proceedings, led on the basis of a cassation complaint processed under this legal service, the Supreme Administrative Court filed for the annulment of the budgetary rules, which excluded a judicial review in the event of a notice of non-execution of the grant. Client VSB – The Technical University of Ostrava, the project “IT4I – Small cluster”.

Title: Act on Public Procurement, Commentary (co-author)
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
Publication date: 2016

Title: Subjective Evaluation Criteria of decision-making in practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition, first and second part, 1 and 3 (co-author)
Publisher: Public Procurement
Publication date: 2016

Title: The meaningfulness of some substantive requirements of the concession project (co-author)
Publisher: Public Procurement
Publication date: 2015

Title: Documentation to meet the qualification after the deadline (co-author)
Publisher: Legal advisor
Publication date: 2014

Title: Bounding of the tenderer by the submitted tender (co-author)
Publisher: Legal advisor
Publication date: 2014

Title: What will be new in public procurement (co-author)
Publisher: Legal advisor
Publication date: 2013


Institution: Charles University, the Law Faculty in Prague
Field of studies: Law

Professional experience

Organization: ROWAN LEGAL

  • Associate (08/2017 – present)
  • Junior Associate (09/2013 – 12/2015)

Period: 09/2013 – present
Job desciption: Currently provides legal support to ROWAN LEGAL´s specialists especially by engaging in legal research, assembling materials for further processing and drafting contracts

Organization: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
Position: Attorney at law
Period: 05/2012 – 08/2013

Organization: The Cadastral office of Hradec Kralove
Position: Attorney at law
Period: 03/2011 – 04/2012