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Legal advice for the public sector is one of ROWAN LEGAL’s traditional specializations. Given our knowledge of specific regulations in the public sector, we also focus on related sectors (water, transport, energy) and also use our knowledge to advise clients from the private sector providing services to customers in these areas.

Our services in this area include the following:

We provide comprehensive legal services to public and sector contracting authorities starting with preparing the tender itself, advising on compliance with legal requirements for announcing the tender procedure and on carrying out the tender. Afterwards we provide strategic and legal advice in implementing the projects, assessing the risk of judicial disputes and also representing clients at the anti-monopoly office and in administrative courts.

Additionally, we provide effective legal aid to tenderers, from helping submit their bids to representing them with regard to remedies at contracting authorities, the anti-monopoly office and Czech courts.

Our attorneys are members of the appellate committee of the chairman of the anti-monopoly office, which handles public tender cases, as well as the appellate committee of the Minister for Regional Development, where we provide advice in matters pertaining to the List of Qualified Contractors.

We also publish regularly, such as articles in professional journals (such as Procurement) and take part in preparing new legislation in the area of procurement (in the form of membership in official bodies and working groups for the sponsor of the law). For instance, we prepared a commentary on the Procurement Act, an overview of the case law in procurement, and a product called the Navigator, which is a popular tool for contracting authorities and for educational purposes.

In addition to legal advice, we also offer educational programs and training for entities involved in procurement, whether contracting authorities, tenderers or participants in the tender process.

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