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From the founding of our law firm we have been recognized by clients as highly experienced experts in the field of intellectual property rights. Historically, intellectual property law, together with ICT law, was one of our key areas of practice. We provide full legal support across the various aspects of IP, including copyright, trademarks, trade names, designs, patents, domain names and unfair competition regulations.

The ROWAN LEGAL law team specializing in intellectual property law provides counseling and representation to clients in both contentious and non-contentious matters on a daily bases. Our aim is to deliver complex services to defend the client’s rights, from preparation of the necessary documentation to register an intellectual right to ensuring that a registered or even unregistered right can be exercises properly and without interference.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the field of technology, we can provide support to our clients from the preparation phase of software development, we help them to implement open source software and we also optimize the license conditions according to their real needs.  The reason why we are sought by our clients to solve their intellectual property issues is that we can understand them and offer a solution which is supported by our top-notch knowledge of the environment and long-term experience.

Experts from ROWAN LEGAL closely analyze and process the legal aspects of software and software development, online license agreements, provision of online services and protection of databases. Our clients also ask for our advice in the case of disputes arising in connection with administrators in the area of collective rights and also in legal issues relating to software implementation for internal and external processes.

As regards enforcement of IP rights, we assist clients with filing applications for customs processes, conduct test purchases, provide advice regarding counterfeiting, draft cease and desist letters, and represent clients before customs authorities, the Czech police and the consumer protection authorities. In the event that none of these steps resolves a client’s issue, we file preliminary injunctions and represent clients in court proceedings relating to the infringement of their IP rights.

Our specialists from the field of dispute resolution help clients to defend their best interests in the area of intellectual property and proceed with all necessary steps to protect the client’s rights, including representation before courts of all instances. You will find more information in the Dispute resolution section.

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