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ROWAN LEGAL provides counsel to banks, insurance companies, securities traders, investment companies and funds, payment services providers and other entities operating in the financial services sector in relation to banking, financial and insurance regulations.

We provide comprehensive legal services within the whole field. Our law firm advises clients on loan financing in both bilateral and syndicated relation, including international financial transactions. In retail financing we provide legal counsel to a few consumer loan companies. In relation to trade financing we focus on letters of credit, bank guarantees, factoring and forfeiting.

Besides banks, the clients of ROWAN LEGAL include global players in the insurance market. We advise insurance companies in relation to insurance regulations and on commercial issues. We prepare insurance policies, standard terms of insurance, and also cross-border contracts on reinsurance.

In relation to security trades and investment companies or funds, we provide counseling not only on the contract agenda but also in the field of regulations, including revision of internal processes and ensuring the preparation of by-laws.

The firm’s leading position in IT and ICT brings significant synergic effects and allows us to provide top-notch advice in the field of electronic platforms for banking, processing of personal and financial data, the use of biodynamic signatures and the outsourcing of financial services, to name but a few areas.

We also provide all the above-mentioned services within cross-border transactions. When a foreign element is involved, we consult our colleagues from cooperating foreign law firms when necessary.

We also provide our clients with representation before regulators in licensing or sanction proceedings. As a leading law firm in the area of dispute resolution, we also represent our clients in proceedings before courts and arbitration courts, including international arbitration courts.

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